Here are some snapshots from previous projects:

Portfolio Management Office establishment

Working under the direction of the CIO, Bright Consulting established a high-performance PMO within the IT department that delivered:

  • Oversight of multiple concurrent projects
  • A reporting mechanism that outlines project progress feasibility, risks and issues
  • Quality assurance to increase the likelihood of project success

The PMO focuses on establishing strong relationships within the business, and ensuring projects meet and satisfy the requirements of internal customers.

Online programs and tool delivery

Working with a major university, Bright Consulting developed a tool to attract more students. Bright Consulting liaised with multiple vendors and teams, managed executive stakeholders and worked with multiple technologies to a fixed due date (the university’s Open Day).

We delivered ahead of time and under budget, creating an outstanding tool, unique to the university, that had thousands of hits within 24 hours.

This project was handed over to us as a ‘problematic project’ – with technical difficulties and unhappy stakeholders. We turned it around and delivered a great result for our client.

Moodle (TotaraLMS) Installation for nationwide training

Bright Consulting was asked to work on a solution that could host and deliver training to 300,000 users across Australia. We worked closely with the client and a chosen client vendor to ensure the software (TotaraLMS) was installed, customised and deployed on cloud infrastructure. Our consultant then worked in an advisory role within the IT team to help manage the challenge of several technical enhancements and the training deployment.

Strategic Planning

Bright Consulting was engaged to facilitate multiple working groups and steering committees, conduct surveys, and propose strategic and tactical solutions. We were responsible for carrying out early market and product scans, speaking with other organisations and putting together an analysis report to articulate the findings and recommendations. We successfully completed a strategy and investment submission plan that assessed both the effort and cost for the identified projects.

Human Resources

Bright Consulting was responsible for the upgrade and rollout of a Human Resources management system that included the development, testing and delivery of the database (back end) and the user interface. We also created a detailed communications plan and training schedule to ensure a smooth rollout to all staff and offshore support teams.

Office 365 Migration

Bright Consulting worked with the organisation to create a single email platform that consolidated more than 33,000 accounts in 53 functional business areas across Australia, southeast Asia and the United States.

Enterprise Documents and Record Management System (EDRMS) Deployment

Bright Consulting was able to transform this previously problematic project by successfully bringing the key stakeholders back to the table. We then clearly articulated the desired scope, and deployed a large-scale system on the new infrastructure. To get organisational buy-in, Bright Consulting organised a pilot phase, enabling a period of trial and error that led to a large-scale deployment across the rest of the organisation.